This repository contains templates for students and staff of the University. If you are not a member of the university check the templates as some layouts are copyrighted by the University of Reading (unfortunately). Alternatives are provided, though.
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% to add a box around the address => useful when using a letter with a window
\Name {Dr. Julian M. Kunkel}
\Building {Polly Vacher}
\Street {}
\POBox {}
\Qualification {}
\JobTitle {Lecturer}
\Unit {Computer Science Department}
\HTTP {}
\HTTPUnit {}
\Campus {Whiteknights}
\City {Reading RG6 6AY}
\Phone {+44 118 378 8218}
\Country {UK}
\EMail {}
%\Reference {Ref:}
\renewcommand{\blztext}{\footnotesize BIC}
\renewcommand{\kontotext}{\footnotesize IBAN}
%If you want to embed a signature into the PDF:
%\Signature {\includegraphics{unterschrift.png}\\ Dr. Julian M. Kunkel}
\Signature {Dr. Julian M. Kunkel}
\Adress {Bla\\Where\\x}
\Subject {Letter of recommendation}
\Date {\today}
\Opening {Dear Madam and Sir,}
\Greeting {Cordially}{1cm}
% for longer letters:
% \setlength{\parindent}{15pt}
This is a trivial letter.