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\documentclass{ResearchProposal} % The class file specifying the document structure
\thesistitle[Optional Short Title]{MyThesis}
\author{MyFirstname \textsc{MyLastname}}
\supervisor{Dr. Julian \textsc{Kunkel}} % Your prospect supervisor's name (if known already), leave empty if you are looking for one
\university{University of Reading} % The university you apply for
\department{Department of Computer Science} % The department's name
\group{\href{}{High-Performance Storage}} % The research area/group
\keywords{X, Y, Z} % Use a few describing the thesis better
\degree{for a PhD at a distance in part-time}
\textit{Please also check \url{}.}
\textit{What makes the research topic of interest and importance}
\section{Research question}
\textit{The main research question(s) that you want to address.}
\textit{Provide one sentence that gives an overview of the topic, how would you describe your thesis to a computer scientist?}
Example: The goal of this thesis is to understand and optimize the performance behavior for large-scale data accesses in the domain of climate and weather.
\textit{Now split the research goal into questions}
This covers the research questions:
\item What workflows are limited by I/O?
\item Which I/O operations are typically performed?
\item Which optimizations are beneficial for the workflows on HPC systems?
\section{Related work}
\textit{How your thinking builds on any previous work.}
Relevant work can be classified into: a) LaTeX studies, b) performance analysis in HPC, ....
\paragraph{LaTeX studies.} It has been shown that blabla \citep{lamport1994latex}.
\paragraph{Performance analysis.}
\section{Research methodology}
\textit{What research methodology or techniques you may need to use}
\section{Required infrastructure}
\textit{What facilities you are likely to require to conduct your research.}
This research requires a supercomputer with more than 100 nodes to run experiments on.
\textit{How the research can be completed in the time available. Provide a rough sketch over the runtime of your PhD}
The following sketches the workplan for the different years of the PhD.
\paragraph{First year:} setup of work environment, researching related work, writing the chapters introduction and related work of the thesis.
\paragraph{Second year:}
\paragraph{Third year:}
Add here any appendix, if needed