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nc_open("", ...)
nc_open_reduce("", "max()")
writer: produces some data (say 10 MB each)
-> write the data via ESDM
read: I want this data => blocks until data is ready
-> ESDM + X "WP4/WP5 API" we will have the offloading, open (please apply this operator already)
- open()
- stream = apply_op("x")
- stream.apply(offset =[0,0,0], size = [100,100,100])
- once data is ready, the stream operators they are applied in any order
- once completed, read completes
- threading is already implemented in ESDM
We should prototype some interfaces in a light-weight fashion.
- WP5 => use-cases to be defined to motivate the work
- Use-case for in-situ